1. lewisginter:

#peony blooms in the Grace Arents Garden. (Taken with instagram)


    #peony blooms in the Grace Arents Garden. (Taken with instagram)

  2. On The Days We Don’t Love.

    It feels good to erase.

    To wipe clean, to cleanse. 

    I lay in bed at night, my day built up in layers

    Of sweat, and dirt, and sunlight on my skin.

    And in my mind it swirls, dark and light seconds,

    Collapsing into one another to form the perfect average day.

    As I reflect on the hours I have lived since the last time I laid there, soaked in sheets and minutes, I flip through my mind.

    Casually like a magazine. 

    Pausing at interesting articles,

    Or colors that catch my eye. 

    It has a mind of its own, you know.

    Some days though,

    As I leaf through the yellowed pages,

    All I want to do is erase.  

  3. What’s better than ice cream and helping little kids in need?

    This week in DC, Ben and Jerry’s is sending around their Free Ice Cream Truck, and accepting Tweets requesting that they visit certain places. 

    Also in DC, is the wonderful Neval Thomas Elementary School. At Neval Thomas, students at George Washington University work with preschool students in one of the worst neighborhoods in the District. Here is a great story about their friendship http://wamu.org/programs/metro_connection/12/03/16/a_neighborhood_tries_to_start_anew

    If you have a Twitter, please Tweet @BenJerrysTruck to visit Neval Thomas.

    Include in your tweet the following information:

    Neval Thomas Elementary


    Preschool Graduation

    Thank you for your support of these great Neval Thomas students!

  4. "There are too many things to feel about this woman. His head hurts. Suddenly, he remembers Sixo trying to describe what he felt about the Thirty-Mile Woman. ‘She is a friend of my mind. She gather me, man. The pieces I am, she gather them and give them back to me in all the right order. It’s good, you know, when you got a woman who is a friend of your mind.’"
    Beloved, Toni Morrison (via thebigoldquestion)

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